• Celebracion Kit


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    This quilt kit contains a collection of 5 coordinating fabrics, equaling 6 total yards …enough fabric to make a twin-sized quilt!

    The quilt kit's fabrics are arranged so fabric shown on bottom of stack is 2 yards, and other 4 fabrics are each 1-yard. In creating our quilt kits, we strive to combine fabrics that coordinate well, no matter what pattern you choose for your quilt. 

    Also, we have made it easier for you to create larger quilts with these kits by using the coordinating Cinnibun #00008-Celebracion, also pictured, but sold separately, or other Celebracion fabrics found in the STRIPES category.  Backing and batting not included.


    All fabrics offered by Betsy’s Quilts are 100% cotton, unless otherwise marked.