Wild Scent - Wolf Panel


.5 lbs.



Two wolves distracted from their snowy trek by a wild scent - brown, tan, black and white framed with triple borders of blue, tan, and a masculine blue plaid.  By Rosemary Millette - Wild Wings for Springs Creative.  Panel may be used as a wall-hanging or center panel of a cool, woodsy quilt.

Approximate size:  36"x42" panel

Available:  5  panels
Check out the coordinating scenic allover print - Wild Scent #B-4760-CP32883.

Available in panel increments. For example, when ordering, type (2) in the Quantity Box if ordering two panels (or in the case of multiple smaller panels making a set, enter (2) for two sets).

All fabrics offered by Betsy’s Quilts have a useable width of 42” and are 100% cotton, unless otherwise marked.