Available in panel increments. For example, when ordering, type (2) in the Quantity Box if ordering two panels

(or in the case of multiple smaller panels making a set, enter (2) for two sets).

All fabrics offered by Betsy’s Quilts have a useable width of 42” and are 100% cotton, unless otherwise marked.

More items coming soon!

(Note:  Deer & wildlife animal panels will be found in Nature/Woodland Panels.)

(Note:  Horse panels will be found in Western/Native American Tribal.)

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Animal Panels (see Nature/Woodland for realistic Wildlife Panels)12 items
Baby Panels6 items
Chidren's Panels9 items
Holiday Panels8 items
Miscellaneous Panels7 items
Nature/Woodland Animal Panels30 items
Panel Kits5 items
Patriotic & People Panels8 items
Western / Native American Tribal17 items
Word Print Panels2 items